Why the Need for Camera Grips?

Working with a battery grip to your own camera is among the most productive thing you could do to maximize the use of photography business. They are frequently among the primary accessories the brand new camera owner purchases for the camera. Their functionality is why they are really so popular.


Not only does it add aesthetic value to your camera, it also adds. Battery grips add an additional shutter release button, which enables the user to easily snap a picture while holding the camera. After shooting for some time, this becomes a great ergonomic feature in that it prevents an individual from reaching her or his hand across the camera the photographer can hold the camera exactly the same manner like she or he were shooting.


For several people with larger hands, in addition, the battery grip permit the photographer to grab a hold of more of the camera. A number of cameras might be hard to hold for the bigger handed photographer for a length period of time. In addition, including a clasp to your camera adds an extra rechargeable battery plus they comprise a tray which takes AA-batteries in case of an emergency when the photography wants that extra battery life of her camera out of his. With many new SLR batteries lasting up to a couple thousand pictures, having another battery makes the time between charges that longer. The thing is no longer "Can my battery last through this occasion," but now, "I hope I remember to charge these batteries since I 've not charged them for 3,500 shots."


When utilizing lenses with a monopod or tripod, a battery grip counter-balances the weight of the lens, for which the telephoto lens was designed by the manufacturer with tripod collar. The lenses are designed that when the camera body weights around 3 pounds, body and the lens ought to be absolutely level using the tripod collar resting on the ground. Another characteristic of a few battery grips (mostly Nikon and mature picture bodies) is the capacity to grow the rate at which the camera shoots. Instead of shooting at five frame per second, the body may shot at eight frames per second. This might need a battery that is different than that which will fit within the entire body, but many sports photographers want the extra few frames per second blast that a battery grip will ease.


The battery grip is a tool which many photographers find to be extremely useful. Even though it may not be for everyone (some people don't like the extra size and weight, and don't find the extra functionality that useful), for many the qualities and functions are worth the price and size.